Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Anglo-Saxon cemetry found in Yorkshire

From The Star

AN ANCIENT burial ground has been unearthed on a South Yorkshire construction site.
Archaeologists have recovered 35 bodies, believed to be Anglo-Saxon, from an ancient cemetery that is thought to date from between the 5th and 9th century AD, when the area was occupied by Saxons and Vikings.

They were found in an area of the new North Ridge Community School in Adwick, Doncaster.

Doncaster Council, the Archaeological Research and Consultancy at the University of Sheffield and South Yorkshire Archaeological Services are working together to investigate the find which if the current age estimates prove to be correct, will be the first cemetery of this period excavated in the whole of South Yorkshire.

ARCUS Project Manager Richard O'Neill said: "It is not everyday that we find something as interesting as this."

When the work is completed the remains will be returned to the council for curation and long-term storage in Doncaster Museum.

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