Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Charnwood Museum Displays Some of Britain's Earliest Metal Objects

Some of the earliest metal objects ever found in Britain have gone on display for the first time at Charnwood Museum in a new display running until March 28 2008. (Full story from The 24 Hour Museum)

Neolithic and Bronze Age jewellery, Roman glass, and Anglo-Saxon garnets are among the archaeological treasures on show in a makeover of the displays, which Leicestershire Museum Service’s Archaeology team worked on over the Christmas holidays.

Rare jewellery, newly acquired by Leicestershire Museum Service, has been put on public display for the first time. These treasures include late Neolithic jewellery from 4,000 years ago
- among the earliest metal objects ever found in Britain.

3,000-year-old Bronze Age bracelets and Anglo-Saxon garnet pendants dating back to 1,400 years, found in Shepshed and Sapcote, are also on display.

A selection of pieces from the Bronze Age prehistoric burial mounds excavated near Cossington is also featured, including an extremely rare early Bronze Age bead necklace."

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