Friday, 1 February 2008

Article on the Calstock fort (with images) from the 24 Hour Museum

From the 24 Hour Museum

Archaeologists have discovered a Roman fort in Cornwall – only the third to have been found in the county, making it a rare and exciting find.

It is also intriguing, given that the Romans were thought to have left the region largely to its own devices a few decades after the invasion in AD43. Remains of a furnace and the fort’s location close to a silver mine also suggest the resident occupiers could have been making use of the local mineral deposits.

The fort, in Calstock, south-east Cornwall, was unearthed by a team from the University of Exeter following a geophysical survey. The survey revealed a familiar shape, very similar to the other Roman fort recently discovered in Cornwall at Lostwithiel. On commencing the dig, the instantly recognisable shape of a Roman military ditch confirmed the site as a Roman fort...

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