Thursday, 21 February 2008

Roman temple found in Colchester over half-term holiday

Colchester: Remains of Roman temple found

Foundations of a Roman temple have been successfully located on a school playing field.

A geophysical survey was carried out at Colchester Royal Grammar School, in Lexden Road, Colchester, during the half-term holiday.

Dr Peter Jones, director of science at the school, said he hoped future work would be carried out to confirm the outline of a Roman road which is believed to also be on the field.

He said: "The south-eastern corner of the playing fields is known to contain the remains of the foundations of a Roman temple.

"This site was subject to an extensive archaeological excavation in the late 1940s.

"The school was approached by Tim Dennis of Essex University, who wished to do a private geophysical survey of the site - involving ground resistance and magnetometry studies - using surface measurements only in order to locate the outline of the temple.

"The survey was completed in partnership with the Colchester Archaeological Trust and the Colchester Sixth Form College, which has an archaeology department."

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