Sunday, 6 April 2008

Stonehenge 2008 dig day 5

From BBC History.

Today's first wave of visitors to the monument were surprised to see a strange craft hovering over the ancient stones. Fortunately, it came in peace. The ingenious device was a remote-controlled 'rotor-cam', providing a bird's-eye view of the dig site.

Watch the video (above) to see exactly where inside the stone circle the excavation is taking place, described by Professor Geoff Wainwright as "the summit of my professional career". Geoff is wearing the black hat, while Professor Tim Darvill sports his favoured blue overalls.

The deeper part of the trench is a partial re-excavation of Richard Atkinson's dig in 1964, the last at Stonehenge. Archaeologist Miles Russell is working in one of the bluestone foundation sockets that has been uncovered, carved out of the chalk bedrock.

Video Diary here.

Full item here.

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