Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bede works on display

From Shields Gazette.

A RARE chance to see world-famous books by the Venerable Bede is on offer at a South Tyneside museum.
As part of the Bede & Beijing festival under way in South Tyneside and Wearside, an exhibition looking at links between Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and China has opened at Bede's World in Jarrow.

A collaboration between the Church Bank museum and the British Library, the exhibition is providing a showcase for some rarely-seen original manuscripts associated with Bede.

The Jarrow scholar and saint, who lived from 673 to 735, is known as the father of English history.

The display includes one of the earliest surviving copies of Bede's The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, produced at the Wearmouth-Jarrow scriptorium in the eighth century.

Another major attraction is a surviving fragments of one of the oldest single-volume Latin Bibles in the world, also produced at Wearmouth-Jarrow.

The exhibition, funded by One NorthEast, is on at Bede's World until Sunday, August 31.

It also features Bede's works On the Tabernacle and On the Reckoning of Time, the latter establishing the basis of the Easter calculation still used today.

From Shields Gazette.

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