Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Amatuer archaeologist writes best seller

From the Malton Mercury.

A NEW book by a local amateur archaeologist is racing up the national best seller charts.
Alan Walker, director of Fersina North Yorkshire Ltd, Horsemarket Road, Malton, has seen Rock Art and Ritual reach number eight in the prehistoric archaeology category on Amazon – the online book seller. It is also top of the pile in the chart dedicated to pre-historic rock art.

The book, jointly written by Brian Smith, focuses on the North York Moors and where and why early hunters and farmers from the Neolithic and Bronze age placed rock art and cairns – small piles of stones – in the landscape.

Aimed mainly at academics and archaeologists, Alan also believes it is ideal for people who want to discover more about the North York Moors and how they once were.

An official launch will be held at Whitby Museum on Saturday in front of a 70-strong audience of academics, those who have helped with the book, family and friends.

Full story here.

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