Monday, 14 July 2008

Archaeology group seeks members

Members of Liss Archaeological Group held a training afternoon on the site of the Romano British villa at Brows Farm, Liss.
For the last three years, the field has been the location for a community archaeological dig which has attracted hundreds of volunteer excavators.

Funding for the project ran out after three years, but the archaeological group is continuing to take part in smaller scale excavations.

More than 50 members of the group took part in a variety of activities including field walking, metal detecting, planning and drawing, and water dowsing.

The afternoon began with a talk by the director of archaeology, John Brown, who outlined plans for the coming year.

He said: "Numerous archaeological surveys on the field have now been completed. As a result of these, it is hoped to do some scaled down excavations in September with the kind permission of the landowner, Mr Duncan Petty."

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact Vietta Oakley at

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