Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mail article on rock art

From the Mail on Sunday.

They have been found where the earth meets the sky, high up on the moorlands of northern England, a mysterious series of strange and ancient carvings hewn into the rocks and boulders.

More than 100 elaborate carvings dating back thousands of years have been discovered on rocks and boulders in the North of England.

The art, thought to be the work of Neolithic man, is open to the air but is so remote that it had lain undisturbed and undetected for thousands of years - until it was recently discovered by English Heritage.

It includes a series of intricate designs of concentric circles, interlocking rings and hollowed cups.

They are among only 2,500 examples which exist in England - having survived natural erosion, quarrying and field clearance.

Around 100 volunteers, trained by English Heritage, have been recording the location, content, context and condition of rock art for the last four years as part of pilot project.

During the Neolithic period, 4,000 to 6,000 years ago, man moved away from the roaming existence of the hunter-gatherer who traversed the country, following his prey, to a more settled existence.

New Stone Age man preferred to stay put, tending cereals and domestic animals.How all of this fitted in with the abstract curves of their rock carvings is anyone's guess. . .

Full story with images here.

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