Friday, 9 July 2010

Marden Henge and Hatfield Barrow Information

This year's most exciting dig for fans of the Neolithic Period has to be the Marden Henge 2010 excavation.
English Heritage archaeologist Jim Leary (the lucky cove who got the Silbury Hill dig a couple of years ago) is opening trenches in one of Britain's lesser known super henges. This is the 3rd dig for the site - the first was a horrible mauling at the hands of Richard Colt Hoare in the 19th century, during which the enclosure lost the Hatfield Barrow, the second was an illuminating foray by Geoffrey Wainright which established the presence of a timber circle at the North entrance, and now Jim Leary's team are subjecting it to a thorough investigation.
Follow the story here, and also get up to speed with the Marden Henge Literature Round-Up!

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